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Rosies Pebble Bangle


Dot wanted to commission a bangle as a surprise ‘special birthday’ gift for her sister Rosie.

The brief was something in my own style with a ‘sprinkling’ of diamonds. We had some old diamonds to use from sentimental family jewellery and some gold. I love jobs like this!

The bangle form came first – with the original yellow gold being melted and hand-worked into a strip of oval wire. The actual width of the bangle being determined by how much gold I have to work with and how long I need to make my strip of metal before I hammer it into its circular bangle form.

I then had a number of larger diamonds which I placed at intervals around the bangle and then I built up the balls and granules within these sections creating little groups of pebbles set with diamonds.

Using white gold, I then literally made over a hundred individual little granules and a ‘ball setting’ for each of the diamonds I had. Every single ball and setting has been placed and soldered onto this piece individually and one-at-a-time. Like little pebbles or crustaceans with a little bit of sparkle!

This is a process I love, starting with a plain and simple form and then working it bit by bit with decoration!

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