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Pink Pearl Necklace with Small Silver Frond Pendant set with a Pink Spinel & Dangly Pearl

This necklace is a custom made piece from my popular ‘Frond Leaf’ Collection and features my frond leaf element which is based upon the leaf shapes of fern fronds.

This piece was commissioned by my Uncle as a gift. He’s a great patron of my work – I get a budget to work with and a rough idea of what he wants and then he leaves me to create something beautiful!!

In this necklace I put my small frond leaf unit at the front of the piece with an additional box element – one of my classic design features – and set it with a Pale Pink Oval Spinel and a hanging pink pearl. The clasp at the back features a spiral of forged wire with a simple T-Bar. The necklace is finished with a lovely strand of pale pink pearls knotted with purple silk.

I handmake all my pieces and I try each and every one of them on to make sure they sit right. This is a particular favourite of mine and one I’d happily wear myself!!!

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