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Heather’s Clip-On Silver Pendant Set With An Oval Garnet and Two Moonstones

This pendant is one of the first pieces that I made for Heather – I’ve made many others since then. I’ve learnt through my designs that Heather likes bold geometric shapes and all her pieces have to have multi-functionality.

In this piece, Heather presented me with a large oval garnet stone and two moonstones that she had collected on a holiday. To keep the design simple and geometric, we set the garnet in between both moonstones but provided movement in the piece by making the moonstone at the bottom free-swinging. Heather wanted to be able to wear the piece with either black or white pearls so I made the pendant clip on and off.

This piece has been the start of a great journey with Heather and her jewellery!

#garnet #moonstone #geometric #blackpearls #pearlnecklace


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