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Etta’s Grey Pearl Necklace With A Reversible Gold Marquise Box Clasp Set With Diamonds And Rubies

Part 9 – Close Up View

Close up of the finished product showing both ‘reversible’ sides of the fabulously curly ‘Marquise’ box clasp in three colours of gold set with rubies and diamonds and strung on a beautiful strand of South Sea grey pearls.

Which side is your favourite?


These pearls belong to Etta and were commissioned by her as a way to rework a collection of sentimental pieces of jewellery!

Etta liked the shapes of my ‘Marquise Collection’ and my ‘curls’ so I began to think about how to use these forms in a stone-set clasp.We had three colours of gold to work with – white, yellow and red – and we had some rubies and diamonds which had come out of a sentimental ring belonging to Etta’s mother. These were my first ‘set of ingredients’ – very rich colours, yellows, whites and reds.

I decided to make the piece reversible so that I could feature combinations of the colours of golds on each side mixed with combinations of diamonds and rubies. We then choose a fabulous strand of chunky graduating pale grey South Sea pearls as the perfect complement to the vibrant colours in the clasp.

This image gives a glimpse of one side of the clasp – it shows how chunky the clasp is – this side features a white central twist curl set with a diamond and the red and yellow golds as highlights set with rubies.

This piece is designed to be worn at the front, back or at either side and creates a different shape depending which side of the clasp is visible.

A fabulous way to modernise ‘old’ jewellery and give it a completely new life!!!

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