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2004: Private Commission – A Birthday Present For Minnie from Harry

Yellow Gold Hand-Forged ‘Curl’ Ring set with a Diamond & Emeralds:
18ct Yellow Gold, 8mm Diamond & x3 3.5mm Emeralds

Commissioned by Harry (my grandfather) for Minnie (my late-grandmother) on her 76th birthday. Minnie found the large central stone for this ring on one of her holidays to America. She saw it sparkling on the floor in an expensive department store. Picking it up she thought it had maybe been a rhinestone that had fallen out of a dress but looking around she couldn’t see where it had come from. Lucky for her she put it in her pocket and forgot she had it – what a fab find!!! Minnie wanted a dressy cocktail ring to show her stone off and she chose emeralds to accent the ring as green was her favourite colour (I always remember her wearing green eye-shadow).

This ring, made as a gift, represents a typical early example of one of my ‘curly’ hand-forged rings which later would become a staple as one of my main style ‘elements’.

With the passing of my grandmother in 2012, its lovely that this ring, marking a family occasion, is now a treasured token to remember her by, both in terms of my work and on a personal level…miss you nanny!!! x