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Dr Sarah McAleer

Hi! I’m Sarah

I’m Best Known As A Goldsmith & Artist

But Amongst Other Things, I’m a Jewellery Historian, Creative Business Mentor, Lecturer & Writer

I’m Also a Sepsis Warrior

I’ve always been a creative-head with a quest for titles ending in ‘-smith’

Welcome To My World

Life Has Taken My Career In Many Different Directions

So, Which Path Shall We Travel Down Today?


Inspired By Children’s Jewellery From The Past.

Let Me Educate YOU About The Historical & Magical World Of Children’s Jewellery!


Inspired By My Jewellery & Your Stories.

Let Me Create A Custom Piece Of Jewellery Just For YOU That Tells YOUR Own Unique Story!


Inspiring The Future Artists, Designers & Makers.

Let Me Share My Business Secrets & Help YOU Make Money From YOUR Art!

Recently I had a date with destiny

When I Survived Pneumonia & SEPSIS!


At the end of 2016 I nearly died from Pneumonia & Sepsis – yet I’d never heard of Sepsis before!

That certainly put the cat among the pigeons and I am on a crusade to help raise awareness of both Sepsis AND Post Sepsis Syndrome!

So I used my writing and I became a SEPSIS WARRIOR!

SEPSIS: is the bodies overwhleming, life threatening response to an infection.


Think SEPSIS Save Lives!


My Blog Inspired By Surviving SEPSIS.

Let Me Tell YOU About SEPSIS – It Might Save Your Life!

so you could say…

I’m Multi-Faceted – Like A Diamond!

Part Made of Tough Stuff, Part Cut From My Own Dust & Part Sparkle!

I always say, ‘I always say’, lol!

And I have a ‘thing’ for organising everything in the colours of the rainbow



1. having the ability to create
2. characterized by originality of thought; having or showing imagination
3. designed to or tending to stimulate the imagination
4. characterized by sophisticated bending of the rules or conventions


1. a person who works in metal, especially one who shapes metal by hammering
2. from Old English smið “blacksmith, armorer, one who works in metal”
3. more broadly, “handi-craftsman, practitioner of skilled manual arts”
4. from Proto-Germanic *smithaz “skilled worker”
5. from PIE root *smi- “to cut, work with a sharp instrument”
6. from Old English smiðian “to forge, fabricate, design,”


A Practioner Of Skilled Manual Arts Who Has The Ability To Create, Design, Forge, & Fabricate Orginal Thought To Stimulate The Imagination!

(Oh! And I Most Definitely Like To Bend Rules & Conventions!)