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Red Rhododendron Bulb 3458

This is a photo of a Rhododendron bulb as it begins to unfold from the tight bulbous bud-shape when it first begins to blossom. This one is from one of our Red Rhododendron bushes and although it looks like a claret-red colour, when fully blossomed it’s flowers are a rich pink-red.

I’m not sure I actually like the look of this image – I mean it’s a great picture but when I first saw it I thought there was something ‘alien’ about it. On one hand it looks velvet-like and on the other hand you can see the tiny hairy spikes. The little crinkly folds at the top of each bud look like little beaks opening to find food or little fingers all grouped together. Then there’s the colour – it’s almost blood red and makes the folds look like sinu. What do you think?

This photo was taken in my garden during May. There are a mass of really old established Rhododendron bushes and they’re all different colours from reds, through to pinks and purples! They were all in different stages of blossom – the pale pinks had fully bloomed, the hot pinks were all in bud and these red ones were somewhere in between!

I take lots of inspiration from nature and love photographing flowers – so many vibrant colours.

Taken during May 2016 in my garden , Northern Ireland!

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