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Margo’s Black Pearl Necklace With Silver Marquise Box Clasp Set With Amethysts

These pearls belong to Margo and were commissioned by her to ‘jazz up’ and old strand of sentimental black pearls that she had had for a long time!!!!

Margo liked the shapes of my ‘Marquise Collection’ so I designed a composition of marquise shapes as a pendant feature with a clip-in stone-set clasp.

The elements in this piece are all made individually by hand using either a wire frame or ‘box construction’ which are two of my signature making styles. They are chunky yet lightweight as they are hollow-formed and each takes multiple hours to construct? The round Amethyst is the clasp feature and slips into the wire frame marquise shape and is secured with a clip. This piece is designed to be worn at the front or at either side and creates a different shape depending which way you wear it.

A great way to modernise an old set of pearls!!!

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