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Hydrangea Photo 6104

Lacy Hydrangea Photo 6104

Hydrangeas are my favourite flowers – but I’m on the fence about these ones! They don’t have the big bulbous head full of flowers in the vibrant blues and pinks that I love – so I’m not sure if I think these varieties are just ‘pretending’ to be a Hydrangea lol!!!

Nevertheless, this photo contains great mauve and lilac colours but instead of the big flower head, it has little clumps of tiny buds and stamens with only a sprinkling of the full flowers.

To me they resemble lace in a way, so I call them the ‘lacy’ ones!

I take lots of inspiration from nature and love photographing flowers – so many vibrant colours.

Taken at The Butterfly Farm, Seaforde Gardens, Northern Ireland!

#hydrangea #mauve #seaforde #ireland #visualsoflife


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