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Heathers Yellow Gold, Aquamarine, Yellow Sapphire and Yellow Pearl Jewellery Suite, Part 4

Part 4: Turning Teeth Into Gold!!!

In this image you can see Heather’s gold pendant being made. I’ve made gold sheet and I’ve pressed the shape into an oval mould-former using a hydraulic press. This allows me to create a lovely hollow pillow-type form. This entire process has been done by hand – lots of hours of fun manual labour…keeps me fit!

Now looking a this picture you would say that theres nothing unusual about it…until you remember that the gold for this piece has come from a box of gold teeth!!!! You can see one of the gold teeth at the bottom of the image – and it took quite a few of the teeth to make this piece.

Gold Teeth

Pretty crazy to think that you can recycle this ‘scrap’ metal and make something truly beautiful out of it!!

Its not everyday you get to work on a challenign job like this!!!!!

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